The DaftMobile way

What we do is important, but so is how we do it. People tend to forget about proper work organisation. Developers are no exception. At DaftMobile we are constantly trying to make our work as efficient as possible. As an agile team, we use some tools to make it easier. I believe the following might be called a modern developer toolkit.


Communication is key. I don’t think it needs any introduction, but the way we use it may. First of all, we create a new channel for each project. Doing this helps us separate the discussions and makes finding the needed information easier. Slack integrations, such as Github and LaunchKit, also help when one wants to be up to date. Not making it all formal, some #watercooler messages can make my day ;)

Trello and Scrum

When working with Scrum, Trello is a no-brainer. It’s free, easy to use and very powerful. We use task rating to estimate how much we can do each weekly sprint. Short iterations are especially effective when the product tends to change. Back to Trello, the Info list should contain DoRs and DoDs, retrospective conclusions and any other things that need remembering. After trying a seperate board for each project, we decided, that using just one and labeling tasks is much better for team workflow, simply by making everyone aware of what is happening.


Developers love coffee. It’s a fact. But coffee here is different. That’s a fact as well. Every coffee loving developer who joins our team quickly realizes, that what they know about it is not really that much. We love it, not only because it gives us energy, but also because it tastes so good. The secret is in the beans. Speciality coffee may not seem that important for work efficiency, but makes it so much better.

The DaftCode app

The new DaftCode office in Warsaw Spire is big. And I mean really big. There is a lot of people here and finding the right person may seem like a big task for a new employee. That’s where our self-developed tool comes in. Using the amazing technology from Indoorway, we make it much easier, but that’s a subject for another post.

When the company grows, it may get hard to be up to date with everything happening. Our app has a fix for that as well. We simply put an in-company news feed in it. No more missed tech talks and silent elevator rides.

The DaftMobiles

We believe that by empowering the communication we are capable of creating better products even faster and with smaller effort. Remember to check them out here. Have fun!

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