How we do Social Media as dev-team?

Every dev team has one or few employees, who don’t code at all. I’m one of those. My job here is to make a connection between you, our great audience, and the rest of DaftMobile team. I do the whole communication thing, especially social media.

For most of you, my job may not be as important because it seems to be just posting some stuff on Facebook, Twitter etc., but it’s not like this at all. When I started working at DaftMobile back in August 2016 my goal was to bring some life to the social media profiles, like DaftMobile’s Facebook and Twitter. I had to create the whole communication strategy and figure out how to reach all the people who might be interested in our products, just as you.

It’s important not to focus on tools you wanna use in your communication strategy. You need to think about people you wanna reach: who they are, what they like and so on. Then you need to think about the type of communication that’s best for your target. Sometimes you can just post some cool photos on Facebook, but in other cases you need to do it in a more classic way, like using ads in the subway station or handing out flyers to people near your company’s office.

Of course, we’re not selling lemonade — we’re making mobile apps. To promote those you need to use services that are as close to people you wanna reach as possible, like social media sites which are mostly visited by mobile users nowadays.

You can make a cake only if you have all ingredients. It looks the same when it comes to preparing a marketing campaign. Do you know who your target is? Check. Do you know what they want to see? Double check. Do you know where to find those people? Triple check. Now combine these facts and use it to achieve your goal, like for an example getting more app downloads.

It’s just the bigger picture of my work. There’s a lot of different tools that I use which help me find out who the people that may be interested in our products are. I’m not the one coding, like Michał, Eryk and the rest of our team, but I’m helping us to find people who will enjoy using products we create.

You can see results of my work by visiting our Twitter and Facebook profiles. We post there updates about our products, commentery to latest tech news and much, much more. I’m pretty sure you will like it.

If you’re interested in social media, technology and stuff like that you can find me on Twitter and here on Medium, where I have got my own blog. Also, good luck reading it — it’s in Polish. 😅

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