Make your dev team shine on Social Media

How to express your team’s personality on Facebook, Twitter etc.?

Illustration by Magdalena
Apps and games? That’s what we make. 
Coffee and tech? That’s what we love.

I love those two lines. They’re pretty simple, but at the same time, they tell about things you can expect from us. We’re creators of top-notch apps and games, we’re crazy about new technologies and we love good coffee.

Of course, that’s not the whole story. One of the main goals of DaftMobile’s communication is to present our personality — as a team and as individuals. Why is this so important? There are many reasons, like giving a peak of our work environment to people who’d like to work with us, but I think that the most important thing is that we want to express ourselves and show anyone how much we love our work. Delivering great products isn’t worth it if you don’t have awesome people surrounding you.

Do you wonder how we do it? Keep reading!

Brand hero

Recently we came up with an idea to give DaftMobile new furry face called Randy — a wolf, like the character in our logo, but with some features that are a great representation of our team. Randy likes to party, loves playing games, is the biggest Star Wars fan and drinks only speciality coffee. We also created a whole history of Randy’s life, like being born in 2200’s and going back in time and being raised by she-wolf together with Romulus and Remus. I don’t want to spoil more of Randy’s adventures, but it’s worth to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more.

Concept art of Randy by Jackson

Our process of creating Randy’s character was pretty fun — Michał and I sat in one of our conference rooms for just half an hour and started talking about things that come to mind if you think about DaftMobile. Based on that we’ve created the history that I’d mentioned before. After that, we introduced the character to the rest of the team and started thinking about the name. Randy seemed like the best option. The design process was carried by Jackson, who did an amazing job with visualising the ideas.

Office life

If you want to use your social media channels as a tool for recruitment, showing off life in your office is always a good idea. There’s no better way to get people interested in working for you then showing them how cool your office is, how much fun people have here and how many amazing tools and possibilities for development they will get by joining you.

A part of our team — I’m in the lower left corner 😅

You can share things like photos from workshops with students, conferences you attend, or even parties that you’re having after hours. The most important part is that you want to show people what’s the spirit of your team — the photos need to present it!


Since I’m working for DaftMobile I’ve always wanted to create a great content line that shows individuals in our team but doesn’t provide a lot of personal details at the same time. Sharing a picture of someone’s face with some funny commentary can turn out to be pretty good, but not everyone would like to be a part of something like this. Since our team is quite small I wanted to make something that everyone can participate in and it’s not very time consuming for anyone besides me.

Developer’s Toolkit section on our homepage

As a result of this, we’ve created Developer’s Toolkit — a series of blog-posts in which we show how our desks look like. I think that’s a great solution for showing someone’s personality and tools that they’re using to get their stuff done. I’m especially happy with the visual part of the series — the GIFs are loved by people in our office and even outside of it.

That’s it! Remember — you want to show how much fun you have at work, so keep that in mind and make the content creation process enjoyable for you and your colleagues. Also try to use as little of their time as possible — you have to do your job, but they have to do theirs too.

Now it’s time for you — make your dev team shine on Social Media!

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