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Developer’s Toolkit #2

Developer’s Toolkit is a series of blog-posts about things, devices and tools that we use everyday to get our stuff done.

Who are you and what’s your job at DaftMobile?

Hello world! My name’s Jackson and I am a graphic designer and illustrator at DaftMobile. Pen, paper and a mind that’s always subconsciously floating in the multiverse are my best friends. I like to explore many worlds, both virtual and real, immersing myself, figuring out cultural facets and discovering how things click.

I previously worked as a Graphic Design teacher, bringing young, aspiring designers up to speed, as well as produced design collateral for hotels at smaller design firms. These days I spend most of my time in front of the computer with my sketchbook and my trusty Wacom tablet.

What’s on your desk?

I tend to keep my desk clean, as I need lots of working space to get stuff done, however there is usually a toy or figure that supervises me during my work making sure I’m not horsing around. I do have a tendency of hoarding sugary snacks that help me get through the day. It works and tastes better than energy drinks.

The Sketchbook

A designers’ best friend. The Sketchbook is a holy place where all your initial ideas are jot down. There’s nothing like letting loose and sketching to your heart’s content until you stumble on something that could work. If you ever want to peer inside a designers’ mind, look no further. Whether you will understand anything is a different story.

Wacom Tablet

This is basically your Weapon. Where the Sketchbook is your rough, the Tablet is your refinement. It is a designers’ main tool of the trade that is used to digitally realize the full vision of the initial idea. There are no limits when you wield The Mighty Tablet. The only limitation is your imagination.


This Epic Accessory is a gateway to other worlds. It blocks the cognition of your surrounding areas and allows you to fully immerse yourself in your work. The music I listen to will depend on the project I’m currently working on. For instance let’s say I’m doing Viking stuff: the beats from the drums, chants and trumpets will echo through my eardrums as it rends a pathway into the Fjord, making me see naught but the vast ocean, grand mountains and mythical beasts. Yes, I need my trusty colleagues to wave their hand in front my face, bring me back to reality and remind me that we have a scheduled meeting.

Geralt of Rivia

The Witcher has been through many trials and has overcome much hardship, but Geralt’s current quest may be the most challenging one yet! His job is to supervise me and make sure I do my work. If I slack, most likely I will be taking an igni up my hide.

Gwynnbleid aside, keeping toys and figurines in general gives you breathing room. If your eyes are too tired from constantly looking at the screen, you may avert your gaze at your prized collection and admire the craftsmanship and engineering. You might get inspired or come up with an awesome idea just by looking at figures too! Todd Howard decided to do Skyrim after staring at Connor Kenway’s statue on his desk.

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