Bartosz’s Desk

Developer’s Toolkit #3

Developer’s Toolkit is a series of blog-posts about things, devices and tools that we use everyday to get our stuff done.

Who are you and what’s your job at DaftMobile?

Hello! My name is Bartosz and I’m an iOS Developer in DaftMobile. I’ve started my career here as an intern and decided to stay longer 😉. My everyday tasks consist of developing and maintaining iOS apps, I also do a little scrum-mastering for our team.

What’s on your desk?

I try to keep my desk clean though it’s not always easy with so many things going on in the office and also Michał’s stuff crossing the DMZ between our neighbouring desks all the time 😅.

As we all know, a programmer is an organism that converts coffee (preferably brewed) to code (preferably clean and maintainable). That’s why there’s always a cup on my desk ☕️.

I like to stay wireless whenever possible. New MacBooks feature a multifunctional USB-C port that allows me to plug the power and a monitor with just one cable. With wireless headphones, I manage to keep cables count to a minimum.

I get to work via public transport and there’s nothing that fills this time better than reading a book. I ditched analog years ago and go full Kindle now. I love that I can keep so many books there and never run out of reading material.


While working on some complex problems I often realize that my head’s RAM memory is just not big enough to comprehend it. That’s where a pen and a piece of paper comes in! Or in my case: a DaftCode notebook and an automatic pencil. I like to keep my notes in there so they don’t lie about my desk. As for the pencil, using it allows me to make corrections easily. I just ⌘+Z with an eraser 😁.

Noise cancelling headphones

Open space tends to get noisy sometimes. I don’t really like leaving my desk for quieter places (like a focus room) because I’m attached to my big monitor. That’s why I invested in noise canceling headphones. It was a struggle to choose between Bose and Sony, but I eventually went #teamsony, no regrets. Sound quality is superb and noise cancelling blocks most of the office clatter. I usually listen to music but occasionally, when I need to be super focused, I go for nature sounds 🌊.

Monitor stand

I care a lot about my position in front of the computer. It allows me to avoid any neck or back pain, at least so far! Our office chairs are very comfortable but when I sat straight up, my monitor felt a little too low and caused a tension in my neck muscles. That’s why I asked for a stand that rises a monitor by couple centimeters. No discomfort since then 💪!

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